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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Military Industrial Complex misses out on low tech weapons delivery system – 09 Feb 11

I’ve been watching the news for the last week or so and am fully convinced that the military industrial complex is completely missing the boat on jumping into the fray with a labor saving and leap in technology in the weapons systems be used in the current discontent. I know they can improve on (1) multiplicity of weaponry, (2) effectiveness of results and (3)transportation and deliverability. It just seems to me to be a no-brainer.

My wonderment peaked when I saw this picture in my Saturday morning paper. Just how does this protester go about selecting his rocks? From the looks of what he has in front of him; he is fairly mono-rocko. They all look to have come from the same source. What if he encounters a multiplicity of opposition targets? How will he ever be able to apply the right kinda chunk to ward off his nemeses? What is this guy gonna do if he has to deploy across the square at a moments notice?

One of thousands of protesters guards the perimeter of Liberation Square against pro-Mubarak supporters who tried to infiltrate the square, Friday, February 4, 2011, in Cairo, Egypt.

Carolyn Cole - MCT

Wouldn’t he be much better off if he had an assortment of rocks to chunk. After all, doesn’t he encounter different kinds of protestors//anti-protestors? Shouldn’t he//she be carrying a variety of warheads.

I am proposing the development of the Low Tech Rock Delivery and Transport System (LoTeRkD&TS). This shouldn’t be that hard of a task for an industry capable of developing and turning out the range of weaponry they currently unleash on the armies of the world today.

Here’s some options I came up with just walking around my own forty acres (most of the forty belongs to my neighbors and the city).

Smooth Alaskan river rock (with hefty bulk)

Lava rock (capable of multiple scrapes and cuts upon contact)

Flat skipping stone rock (good for glancing blows and striking multiple targets on a single bound)

Oval skipping stone rock (good for glancing blows and striking multiple targets on a single bound)

Any kid in the neighborhood will tell you this style of projectile is good for multiple targets within the same chunk – 5 & maybe 6 hits are not out of the question.

Flint rock (capable of igniting incendiary devices at distance)

Concrete rock (contains multiple warheads – splits apart on impact striking multiple targets within radius of 5 yards)

Multifaceted Rock (delivers a hurt from any angle)

Hard Core Rock (just damn hard!)

I think the addition of a light weight transport device would enhance the chunker’s mobility and delivery opportunities – carrying around all those loose projectiles has got to be a task and just fraught with happenstance.

Compare this transport device to the bulky wooden box pictured.

Tumblers come from various web-sites and generally cost under $100 each – these could sell through the Defense Industry procurement systems easily for $10,000 or more per unit – easily. Just check out the attached site for details. Each of these should be able to become mobile-tumblers and have hand cranked attachments added for under another $5000 in mark-up. To compete with heavy duty fracusses, the large capacity tumblers should be able to go for as much as $20,000 – I mean, here the sky is the limit – literally thousands of these units could see action in a discontent demonstration lasting as long as the current has.

Here are a few of the polishers available on the market (see site above for details):

If the current disagreement goes on much longer and the defense industry doesn’t get involved, I’m just gonna have to get in there myself and see if I can make a little dough on the deal. These Rock Chunkers need help I know we can improve their battlefield situation. You got any ideas – I welcome the competition.

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  1. I'd use my big-ass purse as arsenal. It's full of heavy stuff and could injure anyone if they got close enough to mess with me.

    Liked your blog.