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"There is no distinctly American criminal class - except Congress." Mark Twain (1835-1910)

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Yard work for Superman

Yesterday afternoon, both Patsy and I took on the re-firbation of our yard after the horrible winter (Central Texas standard you understand). We bought flowers to replace those that were destroyed; some after being in place for six-seven years or more and some after just last spring and summer.

We may be throwing good money after bad as we consider the dooming effect of the scourge of global warming but who really knows. We took on the task anyway.

The longer the day drug on the worse I felt. The evening and night wasn’t much better. I just never seemed to get my second wind. This morning I feel so stoved-up that I can hardly move about at all.

Checking my tennis shoes this morning I discovered light green stains around the sole and sidewalls that lead my to a search of the internet for a possible culprit. I went immediately to the internet and the one and true source of all known knowledge, Wikipedia, and conducted an in-depth search.

Studying my lameness this morning and the aches and pains associated with it, I have come to the conclusion that I must have stepped on a small concentration of Kryptonite somewhere in the back yard, quiet possibly out behind my square foot garden plot. As I think about it now I should have been able to not step into it as the small bit of the green element may actually have been the only patch of green in the entire back yard and therefore should have received at least a second glance. The minute particles of Kryptonite probably lodged in the treads allowing me to track it around with me the entire afternoon and evening – this prolonged exposure more than likely accounts for the way I feel this morning.

Having researched the element on Wikipedia quite extensively I feel I owe it to the rest of the world to make you aware of the danger that exists from this fiend of outer space nature. I found that there were so many forms of Kryptonite that this may have been my downfall for maybe the last ten to fifteen years. You might want to start watching out for it yourself especially if you are reaching the years of real vulnerability. Here are some of the verified forms that you may encounter: Green Kryptonite (the most prevalent), Red Kryptonite, Gold Kryptonite, Blue Kryptonite, Black Kryptonite, White Kryptonite, Silver Kryptonite, Orange Kryptonite, Jewel Kryptonite, Anti-Kryptonite, X Kryptonite, Slow Kryptonite, Mango Kryptonite, Bizarro Red Kryptonite, Kryptonite-X (or Kryitisium), Magic Kryptonite, Pink Kryptonite and Gemstone Kryptonite – its appears to be everywhere.

If the above wasn’t so bad, there seems to be man-made forms also: Synthetic Kryptonite, Magic Kryptonite, Hybrid Kryptonite, and Green Lantern Kryptonite.

If all this isn’t bad enough there is also Hoax Kryptonite that appears in nature as Silver Kryptonite (this form appears to have a split personality), Yellow Kryptonite, Blood Kryptonite, Kryptonite Plus, Purple-Spotted Kryptonite, and Fake Kryptonite. That makes you seem to feel bad even though it doesn’t.

Watch out for Kryptonite. It seems to be everywhere. Check it out for yourself or just take it from one who has been struck by its dastardly side effects.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pirate killed off the Somali coast!

The Rednecks and the Gunners are at it big time with the most recent news from the East Coast of Africa. An Associated Press article reported that private security guards shot and killed a pirate in the act of trying to highjack shipping off the coast of Somali. The remaining pirate crew evidentially initially escaped to be later caught, with the dead pirate still in their company.

This gives rise to a world of pirate humor and thoughts relating to the act and just what might come of it. Late Night TV could use some of these guys writing their stuff. But maybe it wouldn’t be so politically correct.

Here’s a few of the comments from

• No licensee required, no limit, leave no wounded.
• Put a half dozen Cajuns on these ships. We’ve never learned anything about a bag limit anyway.
• Naw, Ya gotta have Bag limit and tags or else how do you know how many ya take in a Season. Culling the Herd requires statistics.
• No symphony for pirates…..Fill u Davy Jones’ locker with some more.
• Arrrgh, capture what is left of them after the ‘fire fight’ and HANG them in a town square somewhere like they did back in the 17th/18th centuries.
• Could always string them from the yard arm. Either that or keelhaul them.
• High Seas Hunting, Inc. A new company that could be worth millions! Just think, you could offer your customers their choice of weapons….For night time shooting….night vision goggles and tracer rounds.

There was even more discussion on the appropriate arms that might be used: M2-50 cal, M1s, M14s, RPGs, etc. Along with this they also strived to include rules as to the limitations on range, load, and sighting devices. The opportunity to create a level hunting field was never approached.

I can always count on these guys to add some humor to my day.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I’m fed up with the State School Board

What it sounds to me like is that we have some recently deposed State School Board members continuing their agenda instead of hearing what the public told them in the recent election.

They just can’t leave well enough alone. They have their agenda and regardless of what the voters have said they are gonna push forward with it. Most of their goals make zero sense to the common man and some are just down right ignorant – they leap off the page at the common thinking of the last one hundred years or more. Where do they get this stuff? Jim Jones has been dead since 1978. It can’t be him. They must be drinkin’ a different Kool-Aid then the rest of us.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Starting Forty-three (43)

Today is the start of forty-three years together for Patsy and me – married years that is. Yes that’s forty-two years married yesterday. We’ve been two for a few years more. But on the 2nd day of March in 1968 – Texas Independence Day, we tied the knot and I haven’t been much of a Boy Scout since that day. Nor have I found the need to be so.

I wouldn’t trade the last forty-two years for any other life in the world. I am married to the best person in the entire world. She takes very good care of me – you know I need it.

We’ve tried almost everything and haven’t backed off from much – ya can bet on that. Life on the frontier (Alaska) for four years as a young couple was just what we needed; a great start to a life on our own that has just gotten better and better. Eight more years following where ever the Army sent us and then back to Texas for some very interesting years in several different locations.

Two wonderful kids and three fantastic grand kids! Who could ask for anything more?

Some heartaches along the way but we survived them all and are better for it. It just keeps getting better everyday.