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Friday, July 22, 2016

Canvasing Venues for Speaking and Book Signing Presentations

I am currently canvassing venues for speaking and book signing presentations. Of course, I’m looking for arenas and organizations that want and have the need for discussions on Leadership and//or Business Management.

But, I’m willing to take on a Veterans organization that would like to discuss stories of the past or training in Leadership and//or Common Business Management problems and solutions.

I’ve developed a list of Chambers of Commerce and Jr. Chambers of Commerce in the Central Texas area as a start to seek out speaking engagements with. This is not a very long list, but it is a place to start, particularly on the business side.

Should of any of my readers and//or followers have an opportunity or need a guest speaker; I am thoroughly interested in giving your idea a shot. Who knows what it might turn into?

You can contact me by commenting on this postan email will be sent directly to me and I will respond appropriately.