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Monday, May 24, 2010

Austin drivers

Arriving back in Austin late Saturday evening after a long day spent at the grandkids birthday party up in Frisco, TX we were just about done in. The majority of the day, as usual, having been spent on the highway – that’s three and a half hours up and another three and a half hours back. The wife drove the entire trip – you see, I am definitely not allowed to drive her automobile unless there’s some maintenance objective involved. I offered to drive my truck but we would have to put gas in it and she was ready to go at 0700 hours and didn’t want to expend another minute I Austin if she could get by without doing so. Overall, we spent seven of the fourteen and a half hour day on the highway.

Both the trip up and the trip back was pretty uneventful as far as the traffic was concerned. Then we found ourselves back in Austin and cruising down MOPAC. Just pas Camp Mabry the outlook changed.

Flying up from behind comes a white suburban hauling lightning rods. The wife says: “I’m gonna have to get outta this guy’s way.” She had recently passed some cars just a while back and was still moving at the posted speed limit in the far inside lane. I took the opportunity to look around and there wasn’t a car, other than the white suburban, within one hundred yards of us – in front or behind.

Well as you might expect he//she gets right up on the wife’s rear bumper and rides there never attempting to go around. The wife is in no mood after three and a half more hours in the car and looks to move to the inside lane. She turns on her blinker and negotiates her way over one lane – no big effort involved as there wasn’t anybody around – except that big white suburban.

Overall we haven’t been in competition for the inside lane for more than a few seconds. We couldn’t have been as we were moving at 65–70 MPH. Now we are safely outta the way of the big white suburban.

As soon as the far inside lane is clear, the big white suburban speeds on by us. No sooner than clearing our front bumper he//she immediately, without a blink involved, cuts through our lane and into the far outside lane and brakes immediately to make one of those looping exits just south of Camp Mabry.

Can you say RUDE? Is there any other word for this kind of driving? I bet you that his//her momma didn’t bring them up to act like this – at least I hope she didn’t.

I did notice a large burnt orange tu longhorn sticker on the back bumper of the big white suburban – maybe that’s the reason for his//her actions?