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Friday, September 23, 2016

What’s Been Happening?

I’ve had a busy few weeks and have not been active here in a while. I’m sorry!

During this period I have been busy reading and conducting Q&A sessions at two Literary Salons mostly here in my local area.

The first one was on Old Mueller (the old airport) at the Wildfire Terrace Apartments in their Terrace Room. We gathered around 6:30 PM and socialized for a while and started the Reading about 7PM and afterwards shared refreshments and more social time.

I read from the chapter “Let me tell ya ‘bout Cold” and then conducted a Q&A session afterwards.

Cold is a relevant term and I hope I achieved my goal describing the different levels of cold that one might experience over a lifetime? I’m positive that there are very few, if any that can match my experiences in this area. I would welcome to hear about yours if you think you can match or exceed mine.

This was great fun and the questions from those in attendance were fantastic. I had a fantastic time and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

I even had three cousins in attendance: one firstanother Howard, one secondanother Howard but using his first name Les and one thirdLes’s daughter Caroline with her boyfriend Eric. Howard and Les had driven all the way from Cypress, TX and Caroline lives here locally. What a surprise to see them standing outside the building waiting on me to show so they could get inside. Catching time here and there, while trying not to ignore everybody else, we conducted a mini family reunion. Great fun!

The book sales went fairly well also.

This past Wednesday, we conducted a very intimate session at The Trails at Carmel Creek retirement facility in Hutto, TX.

I had several friends and associates join me there and we had a good representation from the facility with us also. The session followed the same structure as above, but since it was somewhat smaller, we conducted the entire session sitting in the lounge area instead of the grand room.

I chose to read and discuss the chapter “Kick it to the Can - Coaching the Cosmos”. This selection is very different from the others in the book as it tells of my first opportunity coaching a youth team in an organized soccer league.

The take-a-ways from a situation involving youth can be exactly the same but more specific than one including adults. I believe I learned just as much from this short duration soccer season as I ever learned from any session with adults in similar situations.

While the session was more intimate, I did get to spend more time with each attendee than I did in the previous session.

I thoroughly enjoyed each opportunity and welcome more of them in the future.

See you out there at a future event!