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Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to fix the Un-Leadership in DC?

I’m wondering! Just what will be the next crisis for our lack-of-leadership in our nation’s capitol.

It seems to me that these guys don’t have a production scheduler. Twenty-eight years in manufacturing taught me that just a mid-level production scheduler would solve all their problems. Here we sit, again, staring at another cliff—the 1st of March—when mandatory spending cuts are supposed to start if legislation to stave them off is not enacted.

We currently have 7+% unemployment and can expect, at least from the government itself, maybe as much as 20% furloughs or even more drastic cuts. What are these guys thinking?

I know that there is room for better and wiser spending. I think everybody realizes that. Taking a hit like the media suggests will be devastating. I can imagine something in the neighborhood of 20 – 25% unemployment when the trickle down from the sequestration action runs it’s course. It might even be worse. All those people out of work, the $$$ devalued world-wide, recession leading to depression, etc….. Where might it stop?

The government might be too big! But what will it be if the worse happens? I’m not here to argue the efficiency of the work-staff or whether this department is needed or that one isn’t. None of it will matter if they don’t get this runaway train back on the tracks.

The legislative branch doesn’t have to look or common ground. They just have to open the heads to a common sense approach. If the American populous can see it, why can’t they?

We missed our chance last November and I don’t mean at the presidential level. Democrat or Republican pretty much doesn’t much matter. The REAL problem is in the Legislative Branch. It needs fixing and we didn’t follow through. Still at an all-time low in approval rating and we sent most of the same right back there to continue to do the same thing we were unsatisfied with them before.

Will we remember this simple fact in another two years? We just might not have to if we don’t get the train back on the tracks.

Just a production scheduler laying out a you-gotta-do-this-today-schedule. Don’t go home until complete. Then come back in tomorrow and accomplish another you-gotta-do-this-today-schedule. It’s just that easy!