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Monday, April 21, 2014

Political Lies -----What should we do?

So, when is a lie about someone else protected as free speech under the First Amendment and when is it not?

Should we really need the U S Supreme Court to weigh in on this question or do the states with laws banning “actionable infringements” on one’s ability to protect their reputation in the justice system? I am, for one, tired of the almost daily regurgitation of PolitiFact stating that the latest statement made by some Republican running against some Democrat (or Vice Verse) was totally untrue (pants on fire) or just mostly false. (see
The tactic is used by both parties and independents as well. It means nothing to these guys running to lie to us constantlythey don’t care one iota.

I am open to the use of a truth commission” that would be able to weigh in on these statements and fine the fib teller, oh heck, let’s say $1,000,000 for each lie they put before the populous. We would soon see just who would be willing to keep the practice going.

As a matter of fact, I would even volunteer to be the clearing house (or finer, you might say) that levied the denomination to be paid. The task doesn’t seem to be too challenging. We should also beef-up the journalistic endeavors who investigate these alleged miss-steps and the cost of operations would likely be far offset by the intake of “fine” money.

What say you?