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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Recent Reading Event

Just the other day, the 14th of July as a fact, I had a chance to read one of my short stories at Malvern Books at an event celebrating the release of the Ocotillo Review published by Kallisto Gaia Press.



My offering was a short story “The Specter From the Hall” that I wrote, primarily for my cousins, after attending the funeral of my cousin, Raymond Callaway Jones, Sr. over in College Station just a few years ago.

At a particular point in the service: “the pastor mentioned that most funeral home people he had been associated with were a little quirky. This little comment set me to thinking back, to my earliest recollection of my cousin.” That’s where the stream of consciousness begins, never to return to even a modicum of solitude again.

More than several of my friends from my writers groups and a few from the Writers League of Texas attended. I was tickled to see each and every one of them. It’s always a moment of pride to get up behind the podium, scan the audience, and find several familiar faces.

There’s a fine mixture of the three elements of the Ocotillo Review contained in the initial offering: Fiction (6), Flash Fiction (11), Poetry (23) and Truth (or NonFiction) (4), and Experimental (1) by 45 authors. Many of the authors were there to debut their offerings.

I have several copies available. But if you like, you can place your order for an edition here:

I assure you, you will not be disappointed.