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Thursday, January 7, 2010

System Failure - not an Individual Failure

President Obama today directed that ALL leads be investigated and followed up on.

Consider this: you could relate this direction somewhat to the policies that President Reagan took in the 80s that forced the then USSR to spend itself into oblivion. Al Qaeda could take the same approach with the US by following the general principles used by Reagan. Let’s assume that if I were the operations officer for al Qaeda right now; I would begin taking the following actions. First, I would start leaking names, plots, actions, etc. to the filters of US intelligence agencies as fast as I could. Second, I would insure believability in these plots//actions by following through on just enough to lend credence to the overall. They obviously have the martyr wantabe-ers to do whatever it takes to blow up a plane, ship, embassy or other like asset whenever they want.

Where will this lead us in the future? Think of the $$s and the personnel commitment that this will take. Wait, I’m not saying that we do nothing – no way. We or any other country do not have the funds or the trained personnel to undertake an ‘ALL’ situation. There are literally thousands of flights coming into and going out of the US every day; yes, every day. Do we put an air marshal on every one? Where will we get them? Don’t even go near the port issue; we just sweep that one under the rug continually. At what cost to the local, state and wherever law enforcement agencies will this have? There has to be more thought put into this than the ‘ALL’ approach – just maybe this was just puff talk.

Additionally consider the volume of personnel increases that it will take for the Intelligence agencies to start analyzing the glut of information they get now and might have to begin looking at in the future under an ‘ALL’ approach to intelligence analysis. This is tantamount to a complete reversal of yesterday’s advancement program to graduate more engineers and scientist. This program would have to be scraped immediately and analysis agents start being trained both in the nation’s colleges and on the job.

I don’t think these guys have any real idea concerning the glut of information that is out there to be analyzed.

I don’t have the answers but I know a bad direction when I hear it!

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