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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Little Gus Growing Up, well starting to!

Last night, Little Gus decided to take the first step in growing up on his own. We think he was trying to tell us the previous night that he was ready to take the first step, but I don’t think either of us was really ready to listen to him. He’s just six and a half months old now so all of his wishes and desires are not usually that straight forward.

After arriving in the bedroom last night about 10:01 PM, Gus laid down beside the bed and simply refused to let either of us pick him up to be put into his box//bed. He had tried it basically the same way the night before but my will was stronger than his. Well, it was gonna be different this time. He wasn’t budging this time. He rolled onto his back with his legs straight out.

Both Patsy and I looked at one another and said: “OK, let’s see what he does?”

I picked up the two blankets out of his big plastic box//bed and handed them to Patsy while I carried the box//bed out into the hallway for the night. Patsy spread the blankets out on the floor and we went about our night time rituals: face washing and the such.

Little Gus just laid there and watched. He didn’t move from his staunch position – not giving up until he had his way, so to speak. Just to be on the safe side; Patsy went down stairs and brought up the kitchen gate – hoping that if he roamed, he would at least be inside the bedroom when all was said and done.

After the two of us were in bed, we both peered over to see what Little Gus was doing. Shortly he picked himself up and moved over and lay down on the blankets. He rearranged himself and the blankets several times over the next ten minutes or so. Soon the lights were turned out on both sides of the bed – no more noise from Little Gus.

Upon waking this morning, Patsy found Little Gus right where she saw him last; sniggled up on top of his blankets – right where she hoped he would be. He was the recipient of a lot of praise immediately and for some time after that.

Little Gus had taken the first step to growing up all on his own.

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