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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Underperforming School Sees the Light of Day

W. W. Samuel High School in Dallas, Texas has passed the TAKS test after rated underperforming for the 5 previous years. English Math & Science. Oh Boy!

How do I know this? Because my daughter called me yesterday – so excited! She teaches 11th grade English Literature there; has done so for the past two years.

They have worked very hard. The English department passed last year, but the math and science departments did not. This year all three passed with improvements in their scores of double digits. It can be done. All that is required is the right motivation and a little time.

Way to go guys!


  1. I will comment to that! When the announcement came accross the loud speaker that Samuell had ben saved, screams of joy were heard through out the school. I need to make one ammendment to your blog: we are also rated on Social Studies. He is a brief look at the Samuel situation: We are 70% Hispanic and the rest is African American. It is also the highest crime area in Dallas. We also have the highest amount of special ed (16%) in Texas at our school and they test at grade level. Did I mention that 30% of the Hispanic kids haven't been in the country for over 3 years yet? They also test with English tests at grade level. The schools are graded at the sophomore level. The sophomores DO NOT need this test to graduate so their is no incentive for them to pass. Education is not their top priority. That is Samuell High Scool in a nut shell (staistically speaking.) However, last year we made it in English and Social Studies, but not in Math and Science. If you look across Texas though, you will see that this was no surprise. Texas was low every where in these subjects. There were many schools lower than us. They just hadn't been as low, as long.
    So, this year, with extra hard work, with an amazing staff that stuck it out, knowing that they may not have jobs next year. Also, with amazing kids, that stayed at Samuell, even though they could opt to go to a school that wasn't failing (try to find one in that area though,)WE MADE IT! All of the numbers aren't back yet, but I know math and science mad double digit gains and English and social studies knocked it out of the park once again. Last year the Samuell English Dept had the highest gains in the district in DISD and we are hoping for those numbers again. We are Academically Acceptable and Awesome. We were swarmed with reporters today from every channel and the Dallas Morning News. They have put us down all year and now they want to celebrate with us! Kiss it! This victory is ours! Go Spartans!!!!!

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  3. I could not be more proud!!! This should be the headline news!!