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Friday, May 22, 2009

Universities and Gun Control

I was proud to see Bill Powers come out opposing Guns on Campus today. Finally a cool head with a background of respect stated an opinion. (William R. Powers, Jr. – President of the University of Texas at Austin)

This is what has been missing from the debate so far to date.

Those in the Legislature, primarily the Senate, have just been posturing for position to appease a small, but vocal, part of their constituency on this subject.

If this isn’t what the Senate Republicans have been doing, its time for their form of “lack of leadership” to move on. There are much better people out there that can do this job without the absurd type of legislation the Senate has wrapped itself up with during this session.

Universities must remain “gun free” zones. As Mr. Powers wrote: “Universities should be a safe environment for free speech and civil discourse. Students are expected to express their opinions and make decisions about social interactions free of intimidation. So are faculty, counselors and other staff members.” (Commentary in the Austin American Statesman, dtd 22 May 09, p A10)

I would hope the other leaders of the major universities have the gumption to stand up and speak out also. This threat to our ability to build the best leaders of tomorrow can not go unheeded. Neither can it be sweep under the rug as if there is no way this kind of legislation can make it to the Governor’ desk. It just might get there.

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