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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

“Juicing” Gus

Yesterday afternoon, my hardware order for a new electric fence controller came in and I went over and picked it up; shiny red and everything.

Today, Buck and I got real sweaty replacing the old controller with the new controller. It really looks pretty hanging there on the fence just inside the gate and next to the AC unit. I went around checking out the stobbs and pounding back in those that have come loose recently; replacing a few here and there. I had to completely replace the two plastic stobbs right at the gate to Pupland; Patsy had torn them up with weed eater – no biggie, I have plenty.

I also had to rework the gate hookup; everything didn’t reach after lopping off the bad twisted wire.

I found the tester and plugged in the controller; all the time hoping it was gonna work like it should. I checked the controller – the light was pulsing and the noise sounded just right. The wire at the first gate seemed to be getting a good charge. The sun was so bright I couldn’t see the light indicator flashing, so I tried a few other spots; same problem.

I moved over to the area behind the Puphouse where there was some shade and was shoving the probe into the ground when I heard it.

Gus had been lit up and he was letting the entire neighborhood know that he didn’t like the “JUICE”. The fence works and has started doing its intended job.

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