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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Leadership Development

I am working on a story today that primarily concerns leadership development. There seems to me to be very little of this going on, especially in industry. I don’t know why. There is too little time set aside for developing the leaders of tomorrow; both in the interview//hiring phase and the on-the-job development phase.

How does management plan for the viability of the organization structure? This contingency is as important as any other. When the ramp-up starts from the current economy//business cycle, there will be more movement of management and leadership talent than one might initially imagine. The movement will not come from the ranks of the unemployed. Oh no! They will be looking for proven talent and that will be first and easiest found in the ranks of the employed.

The organizations that ignore the opportunity to develop those that they already have just may find themselves in a real hurt. The proposition of looking for experienced talent when everybody else is also in the hunt should jump out as a real motivator to management to get in gear and train, develop, train again and develop those under their own roof where possible.

The time required to accomplish an in-house training program is minimal compared to searching, finding and orientating new talent.

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