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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Leadership and Moose Stories

I spent a great deal of the morning thinking about what I have been writing about and the people who joined with me during the endeavors that took place of which I write.

The events, often humorous to look back on, were often, at the time, anything but humorous. Most of the time these happenings took place under some of the most extreme circumstances that can be imagined. Everything from -112ºF to +112ºF, bears in the mess tent, hurricanes to earthquakes, aircraft excitement and mishaps; you name it and we were probably there.

Actions by people like David (Fitz) Fitzsimmons, Martin Snyder, the Pillsbury Dough Boy, Dickey Love, SSG Jones, SFC Toric, Herr and the rest made the adventures all worthwhile.

Great hunting stories: scrambles downhill, pilots in the mist, and the game warden laughing his &%**# off.

They’re all getting down in digital remembrance; then we’ll see.

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