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Friday, May 15, 2009

ATF and gun control

Watching the comments to the Statesman article in today’s paper makes you want to throw up. There is so much miss-information being bantered back and forth that logic couldn’t get a word in edge-wise.

Tracing 90% of Mexico’s confiscated guns back to the US: is it 90% or just 17%. The actual percentage doesn’t matter. It’s the total of weapons being purchased here to go there. Seventeen percent of a big number is a big number. Its illegal and should be stopped.

Then there’s the argument about the AK-47 “look-alikes” and its comparison to a 30-06 rifle. Here’s some of the facts:

AR-15 vs. M16 or M4
Semi Auto vs. your choice (one guy said 3 round burst – if you have a twenty or thirty round mag inserted; it’s a 20 t0 30 round burst – not 3 rds

AK-47 vs. 30-06
7.62x39mm cartridge vs. 7.62x63mm cartridge
120 grain rd vs. 180 grain rd
2300 ft/sec vs. 2900 ft/sec

AK-47 is a little less powerful until you compare the standard magazine load: 30 rounds to the 30-06 5 round or 7 round capacities. The difference in power means absolutely zero when you are on the receiving end; you’re just as dead either way.

As to the argument that the Austin Police Department officers would rather have a CHL holder (concealed handgun license) out there when they arrive on the scene; I not so sure I would like to be that guy. The APD’s record over the last two to three years concerning officer involved shootings would convince me that I would want no part of having a gun drawn when APD shows up to a scene.

Cooler heads will have to prevail. Luckily none of the wackos are in charge of our lives and will never be.

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