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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Guns on Campus Legislation still in the MIX

Leaders, statewide, need to quit sitting back and hoping this dies on the vine. It just might pass – wouldn’t that be something?

Every thinking individual needs to come out against this tomfoolery and put a stop to it right now.

The pro-Guns guys are hitting this as hard as they can; it’s all about their Second Amendment rights or so they would like you to think. We have lived without this law for decades and can keep on living without this.

Gun guys will argue that there is not a downside to this legislation as we have had a CHL law in place for a decade proving the point. Actually, this is just as false an argument as the anti-gun guys arguing the reverse – we have had a CHL law in place for a decade and there has been no evidence that it has really protected anybody.

A few university professors have come out in favor of the bill; but to date not one university president has indorsed the legislation – very few have spoken up at all. Are they silent for the same reason that the legislators are vocal? Where are they when they should be heard?

The back and forth comment section on the Statesman website is humorous at best. There is so much bad info there; it is regrettable.

Consider this:

The DPS website states that there are 314,000 CHL’s in place out of a population of twenty-three million Texans. That’s 1% and 1% is not gonna protect us from a wacko; it just will not happen.

The instructors have to go through a renewal course every two years to maintain certification. Holders of CHL’s have to recertify every five years. Why aren’t the holders treated as restrictively as the instructors; after all they are holding the guns?

There hasn’t been any drastic case of “blood in the streets” or “wild west” incidents over the life of the CHL period. Pro Gunners would like you to think that is a result of the pistol packers out there. Actually, the converse might falsely be argued by the anti-gunners.

The simple fact probably is that the law requiring the proofs//checks that it takes to obtain the license also conversely renders those with CHL’s to be very unlikely to initiate an incident AND are very unlikely to be involved or where an incident might occur – it looks like the carry ability and carry need have offset one another thereby nullifying the need in the first place.

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