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Friday, May 8, 2009

Education and Guns and the Legislature and the Governor

Still we debate: the State Board of Education and Guns on campus. How long has this discussion been going on – the whole session plus more backwards in time? Where is the leadership in this state?

The Board has become the laughing stock of most of the nation. I bet those guys in Mississippi are having a high time now that the heat is off of them. This guy McElroy from my hometown of Bryan has gone about as far as he can be allowed. The legislature should deny his conformation and cause the Governor to move on and appoint a leader that can lead with both sides of his//her brain engaged – textbooks to Darwin to creationism; solve the problem.

The Guns discussion is backed by one of the biggest lobby efforts one can find. These guys are leading the legislature astray; they need to be stopped by cooler heads also. An opinion written and published in the Austin American Statesman today points out that there has been some bad data put forward by the Guns side. If this is true, we have been greatly misinformed for some time now.

All the quite little letters back and forth aren’t helping: (1) comparing spoons (obesity) and glass (alcoholism) to guns (deaths by violence); and (2) the inevitable “prior my cold dead fingers” and it’s my right – the constitution says so. These voices are getting us nowhere; they are just taking up a large portion of our allotment of oxygen.

I would like to see the background and qualifications of those making these arguments in both cases; along with the expertise, background and funding, for that matter, of those elected officials backing these measures. We expect them to make decisions and vote with their eyes opened and their brains engaged. I, for one, am fed up!

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