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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lupe’s Tortilla - SFA Dinner - 27 Aug 14

Pretty good group last night. Lots of locals, two from Houston and two from Austin. We could really use a lot more locals and we wouldn’t have to compete for space with the other B/CS groups plying for attention at the local establishments.

As soon as I entered the room at Lupe’s, I was forced to report on the sad occasion of Bobby Buntyn’s passing and the funeral that Jimmy and I attended last weekit was so sudden and unfortunate, I will miss Bobby a great deal. He was one of my first friends upon moving to Bryan in 1954 and attending my 6th new school class in only the second grade. Bobby was one of the many that made the new kid from Montana/ North Dakota feel welcome.

On the other hand, I am glad to report that Sam Searcy’s knee replacement is finally working out for the better. Sam says “it gets better every day.” He and his wife had just recently returned from a short vacation to the Vermont areadoing a lot of day trips from their rented condo. Lots of time in the car and stopping just short of going into Canada; but he had several good anecdotes to relate. I ask him if while he was in the area in New Hampshire if he had the occasion to visit Mount Washington; I’ve always wanted to go there. For those not familiar, Mt Washington is located in upper New Hampshire and has the distinction of having the highest wind velocity (175=MPH) ever recorded on the face of the earth. Sam acknowledged that he did check the weather on Mt Washington on a daily basis while he was in the area.

I do not recall how the following came about. It seems we have inherited from our follow on graduates (Class of ‘66) their own Jerry Nance. Jerry has been at every dinner over the last couple of months or so. I have enough trouble having to Jimmy’s stories over and over; but now Jerry’s seem to be repeating themselves. While Sam and I were discussing adventures in Newark, New Jerseyone of Sam’s stops on his Vermont vacationJerry tricked us into listening his capture and utter humiliation of some scab he subdued and arrested in the San Francisco area some 35 to 40 years ago. Well, we eventually survived. I do not know if a ransom discussion with the Class of ’66 would do any good or not. Maybe we could take up a collection and they would come and get him (Ransom of Red Chief sort of situation).


The recent heat was the foremost topic of discussion around the table last night. Seems we are all looking for some place to escape it. I, for one, am considering trying to talk Janell of Cynthia into renting me a room in their northern abodes for the summer next year.


Thomas and his wife advised me of some of Thomas’ “musical” haunts that I intend to pass along to my brother. Thomas plays three or four times a week and I believe my brother would fit in with them.


The “girls” sitting to my right all seemed to be having a great time but would stopin mid-sentenceif I showed any interest in their discussion. I have no idea who they thought I was representingsome CIA eavesdropping effort, I assume. I never could break into their conversation.

The other end of the table was far too distant for me to hear what was going on down there. I thought Jimmy would give me the G2 on our way back to Austin, but that didn’t happen. As soon as we got in to my vehicle, he started up on the discussion we suspended when we pulled into our parking place. He didn’t miss a beat and took right up where he had left off.

Prior to departure, there was a secret meeting to select the meeting place for the end-of-September dinner. The vote resulted in the top of Mt Washington being selected. See you there!

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