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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Grand Stadium Tour III - Part 2

Best laid plans are always changeable, our's were!

Flying Southwest is not always the most direct; we were scheduled through Kansas City and Denver to Seattle. The KC leg came off with no hitches - not so with our approach to Denver.

The Denver airport experienced big weather while we were in route - winds in excess of 100 MPH. First we stayed aloft in a holding pattern for 30 - 45 minutes and were told we could land. BUT, before that could happen we were diverted to Pueblo to take on fuel and to wait the reopening of the Denver airport.

We were on tarmac in Pueblo for over three hours; so long that the plane ran out of hand washing water for the laboratories.

Eventually, we got the call and rushed to Denver. While in route, I received an email announcing the cancellation of our Seattle leg. The only thing worse than this news was the pilot's landing in Denver. I don't know who fixes runway divots but he has his work cut out for him now.

SLAM! We were finally in Denver - no luggage which equates to no clean underwear for the next leg of our trip.

I now realize as I will be wearing Saturday's clothes on Sunday, I over     packed by one day's worth as a result of our unfortunate track. This isn't the first time I have been in this situation - twelve years in the Army offered numerous opportunities.

Joseph got ahold of Southwest and managed to get us on a flight that takes us south to Phoenix first and finally turns us nnnnorth to Seattle - finally. This route was all that was available without waiting another day in Denver. We will miss our scheduled Mariners' game SUNDAY afternoon but they start a new series with Toronto Monday so we will figure something out.

Joseph also got ahold of his company's travel help and found us a hotel near the airport. We made it there and found some supper nearby.

I am finishing up the day wearing my oversized index finger out here on my phone screen pecking out this entry before closing down for the evening.

More info tomorrow.

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