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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Grand Stadium Tour - Part 4

I have been hindered by non-AT&T charges while in Canada but promise to get caught up tomorrow as soon as I arrive in a cultured spot in the Land of the Free.

Please bear with me.

Addition as of 29 Aug 14

We arrived in Seattle around 11:30 PM and headed straight to the rental car lot, obtained a car and started for Bellingham, Washington where we had reservations that night. We finally arrived in Bellingham and surprised the landlord right at 2 AM. Quickly, we were asleep.

The next morning, we found an IHOP and achieved breakfast. Joseph had realized while we were driving last night that we had not scored the insurance card for the vehicle we were driving and needed it to get into Canada. Luckily there was an international airport in Bellingham and we made our way there first off. The girl at the Avis counter was real nice and fixed us up right away.

Only 40 miles from the border, we are there before we realize it. Just a short wait, maybe only 15 to 20 minutes or so and we are across the border and headed to Vancouver, BC. The line to get into the U.S. looks to be a couple of hours long.

Soon, we had arrived at the outskirts of Vancouver and decided to find our motel for the evening before doing anything else—the day was young and we had no real plans until tomorrow evening—Ball Game.

We spent an hour or so driving Vancouver and taking in the sights before we decided to head over to Victoria. We took out the map and decided our direction and headed to the ferry location.

Arriving at the ferry dock, we found that we had just missed the loading and we were quickly staged for the next departure. We headed into the gift shop and restaurant combination and shopped. After about a forty-five minute wait, we were loaded and started our two plus hour trip across the sound.

The best place on the ferry, in my opinion, is on the top deck, out in the open and the wind in your face. There, you are able to move from side to side and see as much as possible as the scenery passed by. That’s where the guys and I headed as soon as we were able.

Joseph and Dilin on the ferry deck crossing over to Vancouver Island

Nice weekend (or everyday) abode on island crossing the bay.

Just how did that guy get the materials up there?

Friends and neighbors watching us go by!

Finally across the bay, we were directed off the ferry and headed straight to Victoria to see what we could find. Noticing that the day is disappearing on us and if we attempt to get back across the bay today, we might be in trouble—at a minimum, we will have no time to look around Victoria. This part of our trip is scripted to any real detail and we have the luxury of winging-it just a bit.

We stated looking for a motel/hotel on our way into Victoria. We passed a few, having spotted the establishment after it was too late—road signage in Canada is not up to U.S. standards.

Soon, we had spotted a Comfort Inn & Suites and I went inside to inquire as to availability. A cool $203.09 later, we were situated for the night. We unloaded the stuff and went upstairs to clean up a bit and decide our next course of action. Loading the elevator, I ask maintenance guy pushing a cart where the best place to get sea food was in town. He immediately said: “Pescatore’s Fish House” and pointed out the directions on our map.

Deciding we would give it a try, the decision was made.

Come back here soon and I’ll tell you all about it.

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