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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Grand Stadium Tour III - Part 3

A quarter after six in the evening of day 2 of the Grand Stadium Tour III and we are finally leaving Denver -a full 24 hours after we should have.

A little behind schedule we are!

Because of yesterday's troubles, we have spent the largest part of the day in Denver.
After breakfast in the nice hotel Joseph found us, we took shuttle back out to airport: checked on our bags (told that they left on first aircraft to Seattle this morning) and bought express bus tickets to downtown Denver.

From Union Station we walked over to Coors' Field hoping to get into the National Museum of Ball Parks. Evidentially Billy Bib had other plans for Sunday morning and he never opened the door.

With time on our hands, we made our way to 16th Street where the city has blocked it off to function as a mall. Nice area, real nice! There were bicycle guys performing ramp tricks that we watched for a while before moving on.

Feeling the grumbles, we started looking for a place to eat. We found the Blake Street Vault and had a great meal, great craft beer and was waited on by a nice young lady from San Antonio, TX.
Time running out, we headed back to the airport and prepared to get outta Denver.

For some reason, I have been designated as TSA PRECHECK and get expedited security screening (I do not have to take off shoes or belt. I do not have to declare liquids either. I just put my bag on the rack and my cell phone (laptop or iPad) on top of it and walk through the RADAR.

Well, it has not worked either security screening time this trip, I don't care what they say; I know my shoulder replacements are setting off the RADAR. I then have to do everything I shouldn't plus some.
Net result: I have had to be completely patted down in both Dallas and Denver. There I stand needing help and my companions are halfway across the airport.

Maybe it will be better at SeaTac coming back!

Still a lot of day left yet. After we get to Seattle we are driving north to Bellingham, WA and then to Vancouver tomorrow.

When I started this post, we were just leaving Denver. We are now in Phoenix with a two hour layover before we start once more for Seattle.

Please hold your breath!

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