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Monday, June 20, 2011

Untimely Social Media Posts - 20 Jun 11

As luck would have it, some missed the social media craze. My mind was wandering yesterday and I got to thinking what they might have put up if they had today’s technology available to them. Somebody else may have tried this before, but in any event here’s a few of my takes on the missed opportunity:


George Armstrong Custer: Currently on top of a good hill with ability to see in all directions. Hopping that predator drone and the F-16s are still on station.

Noah: Still waiting on answer. Not a word in past week. I’m seriously considering leaving these two mosquitoes behind.

Cornwallis: Just whose idea was it to move out here on this peninsula?

Rommel: That can’t possibly be the main attack! Patton is still in England.

Hitler: That can’t possibly be the main attack! Patton is still in England.

Adam: That crawley thing there; what’s he doing up in that tree?

Julius: Meeting this afternoon with some of the guys from the Senate on the steps.


George Armstrong Custer: Man! Where’s that help Washington promised? It’s just like them to adjourn when the going gets tough.

Noah: Been out here 31 days. Still not sure why a shovel was not on the basic load list.

Hitler: I understand that there’s a lot going on in Normandy, but Patton is still in England.

Crockett at the Alamo: Wow! There’s a lot of Mexicans out there. Maybe I should have considered staying in Congress at least one more term.

Capone: I'm not paying taxes. I don’t care what they say.

Dodo: It’s just one egg! (I realize this is a stretch, but it fits the theme.)

Marie-Antoinette: Cake should be just the thing.

Ike Clanton: Let’s walk over to the OK and see what’s goin’ on!

Never seen again: Mt Saint Helens is beautiful this time of year!

Also never seen again: Hey, the White Star line has a ship they say can’t be sunk!

Napoleon: I hear the Duke of Wellington is planning a get together in Waterloo this Weekend. We oughta go see.

Lincoln: Do I gotta go?

Ton Selleck: Offered the lead as Indiana Jones but have plans for the weekend.

Cell phone:

George Armstrong Custer: Hello Pentagon! Custer here. You ain’t gonna believe how many Indians there are in this little southeast corner of Montana. Over!

Travis at the Alamo: What’s that General Houston? Ya want me to hold on here. Did I forget to tell you just how many Mexicans are in town?

Ike to Billy Clanton: Let’s mosey over to the OK and see what’s goin’ on!

Do you have a rocker to add to the list? Please leave your untimely famous posting bas a comment below.


  1. And why couldn't someone have just commented on Noah's status recommending he just swat those two mosquitoes?

  2. Good idea Mike.

    I had this thought later: Andrew Borden: Whose idea was it to give Lizzie an hatchet for her birthday?