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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sea Turtles – 01 Aug 10

I swam//snorkeled with the turtles - 3 of them. I had brought one of those Walgreen's (good to 35') cameras and took what I hope are good pix with it. They may come out, the water was pretty clear where we were, so they may be OK. Patsy stayed in the shallows to watch for trouble. We had tried the same area the evening before and it was really, really rough. This morning much calmer but still the undertow was hard to manage.

The Old Man in the Sea took a couple of skirmishes this time, but I still took the major battles and the WAR. I have some wounds to show for it. I was so tired when I arrived at the turtle sight that the waves knocked me around and I got some cuts on the coral, but I didn't draw any shark-like creatures. I also got some pix of the fish the turtles were after. They may or may not be good.

Lots of kids and adults in the area trying to get their own looks.


I will provide an injury update later. I still on the TURTLE HIGH!

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