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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shirley Sherrod - Missing a crucial point!

Ref: “Walk on Eggshells, get egg on your face” and “others”

You guys call yourselves journalist. I believe you have missed the larger point in the Shirley Sherrod debacle. It seems that everyone is too quick to jump to the race issue and completely overlook a value that has been around much longer – Truth.

The capability to sway large and somewhat informed throngs in the age of “anything posted by anybody (signed or anonymous) on the internet – true or not” has almost overtaken the print media in readability.

In this country, since the time of Ben Franklin the populous has looked to journalist to be the watchdogs of our well being. We have always asked the journalist just for the Truth. Are we at a point where we will not be able to believe anything we read, see or hear? I hope not.

In a society that wants to regulate everything, the largest task confronting Truth may well be “internet journalism.” Maybe it lingers in the mind as too large to tackle. Well, here’s your chance. In the past week, journalist you were not! How could you have ignored this? Well, except for Arnold García Jr. who came as close as anyone to addressing the issue.

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