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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Old Man in the Sea

While recently in Maui, I had a bout or two with the ocean. I somewhat whimsically called them encounters between myself and the Old Man in the Sea. This just seemed, at the time, to be the right way to categorize these situations.

The first time out the Old Man nearly did me in, or so I thought. His accomplice, the lava outcropping and coral attached to it near the bottom cut me up so bad that I had difficulty walking for the next several days. The Old Man kept bashing me up against it as I tried to hang on in an attempt to keep from going under.

Later in the week I just nearly succumbed to the Old Man having a real hard time just getting back to shore.

Each and every time out, the Old Man took something from me; monetarily not big losses, but still losses nonetheless.

I have completed writing the story and am currently in the edit//re-write stage. Should be finished real soon.

I am not sure to this day who really came out on top in the two encounters that took place. Although I am still walking around, this, in itself, does not truly make me the winner – I’m conflicted yet.

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