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Sunday, October 24, 2010

SFA 45th Class Reunion

Returned home this morning from a short weekend in Bryan for my 45th high school reunion. The Class of 1965 of Stephen F. Austin High School. There were a lot of guys at the ball last night. I didn’t get a chance to talk with them all, but had a GREAT time discussing and cussing the old and current times with many.

The girls all look really good, but the males of our class have not held up quite so well. Some of them are REALLY OLD. I can not understand how they got that way and I didn’t. They can’t possibly be having as much fun as I am – I just know that’s the reason.

I firmly believe this should be scheduled as a four day event and nobody is released back to their life until everybody has had their fill – wouldn’t that be great if we could pull it off?

I saw people last night that I hadn’t seen since we left high school or if I had seen them, I didn’t recognize them. There were many last night that I could not recognize. I had earlier recommended that we all wear 8 ½ x 11 inch name tags. Dianna did her best and the tags we wore last night were larger than any I had previously come across and still not be easy enough to read from a distance where the reader was not caught by thy readee.

Man, I gotta hug a lot of GOOD lookin’ women as a result of just showing up. Sometimes growing just a little older has some very pleasurable side benefits.

Spent a great deal of time talking with long term friends that are always at the reunions but I think this time I actually spent more time chatting with some I hadn’t seen for many years. I don’t want to hurt any feeling by leaving some out but just to name a few really enjoyable short chats: Michele Melcher, Mike Scogin, Ronnie Arrington, Ed Glazner, Steve Henton, Bladge DiLeo, Thomas Faubion, Ernest Luna, Carol Ogg, and Tony Zemanek.

Great time guys and already looking forward to the next time.

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