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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lamenting a chance at a World Series Game

Remembering 10 Oct 80 when I was sitting in the right field bleachers for the ALCS, the Yankees leading 2 -1 when George Brett hit a 3 run home run into the short porch, also in right, knocking the Yankee’s outta the World Series and my best chance to ever see a World Series game.

I remember it well. There we are the ball off Brett’s bat headed just to the left of us, the cops watching it travel also and the short little guy climbing the steps of our section chanting his wares “Yankee Youints.”

Some real goods names playing in that game and making a great memory. For the Yankees there was: Reggie Jackson, Goose Gossage, Rick Cerone, Tommy John, Ron Guidry, Lou Pineilla, Graig Nettles, and Willie Randolph. For the Royals there was: George Brett, Frank White, Oscar Gamble, Dan Quisenberry, Willie Akins, Darell Porter, and Willie Wilson.

I need to look for that score-book and see the details.

Well, if the Rangers can just keep hitting like they have the last two games, that Yankee Stadium chance will soon be history. I will get another and even better chance – I have the tickets on the way.


  1. I just watched it on YouTube. Brett crushed a first pitch fastball from the Goose with Willie Wilson and U L Washington on the corners. Looked like well into the upper desk, the camera guy has trouble locating initially. Really cool that you were there. Here's hoping the Rangers can get one more so finally get to go to the big series!!
    Link to video -

  2. I watched it for REAL and knew it wasn't good from the crack of the bat.