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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

School Closings ????

A most interesting editorial appeared in the Austin American Statesman this morning concerning the “school closing” policy of the state.

One wonders why the guys running the state board of education can’t understand just what they are or are not doing, depending on your point of view.

Why on earth would they close a school that shows marked improvement? Where is their head? The Statesman takes the view that they are closing ”buildings” as opposed to schools and completely ignoring the problem. It’s the teachers, the parents & students, the curriculum, the environment of the students or something else – it’s not the building.

There has to be a better way to approach this problem. There is a bill before the legislature this session that addresses this but is now stuck in committee.

This problem, unlike the perceived problems of voter ID and allowing guns in the workplace or on campus, needs more attention than it is getting.

This is the future staring us directly in the face.

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  1. They aren't just closing a building, you are right, When they move those students, that new school, which is also academically unaceptable, by the way, becomes over crowded and then that school's scores drop too. Plus, there is resentment between the students when they are moved. They feel displaced. Most failing schools are in urban, low economic areas. The only consistancy they have is school. Then you move them? They are mad! Discipline problems arise. Teachers have bigger classes and nobody wins. Not to mention, after the TAKS, which is the only thing the state cares about, the kids stop everything. They are so test orientated that even though school goes until June, they are done in April. You know what? I am a teacher, I could go on and on and on...