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Monday, April 13, 2009

Heroes and Leadership

Isn’t it great to hear of your everyday American Citizen’s heroics like those that have been displayed in this short year so far?

Capt Chesley B (Sully) Sullenberger of US Airways flight 1549 and Capt Richard Phillips of the Maersk-Alabama. They are true heroes and belong right up there beside those of the United States Military.

Heroes and leaders aren’t necessarily the same thing; but both these guys have shown that they were leaders in the process of becoming heroes.

Man, ain’t it great?



  1. the captain of the ship that gave the order to kill the three pirates. Hero or Leader?

  2. Leader. The only hero here is still CPT Phillips and possibly some of his crew for their actions in enabling the fight to continue.

    To stand on the bridge and pass an order down does not constitute heroism and if he weren't a leader already, he wouldn't be standing on the bridge - he might be operating a tug boat somewhere, but not a destroyer.