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Monday, April 27, 2009

Rain and DOG sitting!

I find myself inside today. I tried to do the outside thing earlier but even under the patio cover, I was getting wet from the rain and wind.

I had to take the dog sitting operation inside.

First, after getting us all inside, I had to make the room puppy proof. We will be spending a lot of time in here today. There have been several down pores already; really wet in the back yard. Buck was just setting out in the rain; taking it all in with no worries about the weather. Gus runs back to my chair every time lightning cracks.

I believe Gus is having “grandchildren withdrawals”. Alison kept him fairly well tuckered out the entire weekend. She ran him from pillar to post both Saturday and Sunday. Last night, he was very restless. I think he was wondering where everybody had gone. He kept searching or though it seemed.

After we all were situated inside, they both sacked out. It is the best and we do need the rain!


  1. I had this problem last night (29th). Jake and I go for about a three mile walk every night when I get home. Last nights rain kept us from going out. If he does not get his walk he drives me nuts.

  2. Nuts, Huh? Gus is tearing up my flower beds as quick as I turn my back. I've put him in time-out and waterboarded him two days in a row. It doesn't seem to phase him. I'm gonna get my electric fense back in GOOD workin' order. Buck says: "Let's JUICE him!"