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Monday, September 8, 2014

Grand Stadium Tour III - Part 6

Early the next morning, we were up and out of Victoria as soon as we could make it happen. We headed straight to the ferry for the mainland and had no more than a fifteen minute wait this time.

Once loaded, I went right up to the top deck and found the fresh air. Very soon I was talking with a guy named Steve, a civil engineer by trade and born in Saskatoon, but now living in Edmonton. Steve talked a mile a minute without breathingI do not remember seeing him take a breath for the next two plus hours. Steve had built roads all across Canada and had done construction in the Middle Easthe had some fascinating stories to tell about working in hospitals in Jordan and Israel.

It was almost a full hour and a half into our discussion that Steve finally revealed his mission this morningSteve was there to convert me and save my soul for Jesus Christ. He had taken early retirement from his job and his entire life was now spent saving the needy from their doomed fate. I learned all about the Four Beasts: the Lion with eagle wings – England and the USA, the Bear – Russia, the Leopard – India and the Dragon – China. He even showed me where I could find 666 at any timethe numbers serve as the parentheses for all bar codes patterns according to Stave. The guy was a wealth of knowledge.

Because of Steve’s breathing pattern, I never had the chance to tell him I was a converthe coulda tagged me and moved on to some needy soul. So I sat and listened for the entire trip, all the way up to the announcement to head back down to our vehicles.

Once back on the mainland, we headed for North Vancouver to spend the morning in one of their really nice parks. Without much insight as to where would be best, we took the turn-off to first one we came to, Lynn Valley Canyon Park. This turned out to be a real surprise.

 Lynn Valley Canyon Park

Suspension Bridge entrance to park area

Baden Powell Trails

 Beautiful area

On our way back to the highway, we stopped into Browns Social House for the Granville Island Brewery –Seasonal (Hey Day Hefelweizen at $5.25 a Sleeve) and a Hickory Burger. Soon we were refreshed and on our way again.

Getting to the Ballpark (Nat Bailey Stadium – over 100 years old), we were in time for batting practice and had a chance to take in the real flavor of the grand ole’ parkreally a treat.

Nat Bailey Stadium (100+ years old)

 I got one of the ushers to take our photo (Dilin, Joseph and me)
Check out our new hats!

 Nat Bailey Stadium Scoreboard

I tried my hand at getting a shot of the ball leaving the pitcher’s hand or the batter’s bat, but due to the protection screen between us and the field, I did not get any real good shots this time.

Ball leaving the pitcher's hand

Action on the base paths

 Minor League digital dot race (more live 
action that at the Big League ballparks)

All the ground crews seem to have taken up 
dancing during their mid-game refurbishing tasks
The Tri-City Dust Devils scored early and never relinquished their lead, defeating the Vancouver Canadians 4 to 2. A great minor league ballgame with a whopping 4006 in attendance.

Before you knew it we were on our way to the Surrey Day’s Inn and a good night’s sleep after the ball game.

More to come soon.

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