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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Crowed Red Lobster & Stephen F Austin High School Class of ’65 (monthly) Dinner

What a time we had at the Crowded Lobster last night! By my count, there were between 25 and 30 attendees. I’ll wait and get the exact count from Lydia later; I‘m sure she will let me know. She keeps up with this stuff much better than I anyway.

I managed to get Jimmy Phipps to again ride over with me. This allowed me remember exactly the stories he had already told and firm up some of the details I may have inadvertently forgottenafter all, I did miss last month’s agenda. While we were placing our drink orders several at the table suggested that Jimmy number his stories so he only has to call out a number and we can recite back to him our best recollection of the details, obtain our score and name a winner at the end of the evening,



Because we had some stragglers last night, we were sat at a table set-up for only twelve and when everyone had finally arrived, several of us had to share seats and trade off taking drinks and bites with each other. I, myself, was lucky enough to be able to talk Marlene Scanlin into cutting my salmon into bite-size chunks so that I didn’t lose a piece to John Hughes who, unfortunately was sitting next to me. Boy!! Can John talk when you get him started? Trouble is that when you get him started, it seems his maker somehow forgot to attach or wire up his “off switch.”




I’m pretty sure Geneva Patranella won the nightly award for having the most people sit next to her. Everybody showing up late was ultimately directed her direction and made to sit and listen for some 30 minutes or so before being allowed to try to find another seat. Come to think about, it may actually have been Janice Patranella that caused this; just maybe they were in cahoots!



I do believe that Lydia had the biggest entrée of all of us. It took more than several plates to get all her’s to the table. I’m ordering what she orders next time.Wish I had a picture of that plate!

Dianna got onto several of us for not responding to her 5th of July email referencing “Upcoming Events.” It seems that we were supposed to answer back by the 9th of July. As far as I can tell there are two “stiff” penalties for not doing so: (1) We no longer have any say as to the month and date of our 50th Class Reunion, (2) Dianna reserves the right to take all the accumulated $$$s and travel where, when and with who she wants to conduct the 50th reunion by herself or with only those she chooses. Be careful how you respond to any requests for funds relating to the 50th reunion between now and next summer.


To turn the scrutiny off her at the time, Dianna directed the conversation to retirement and eventually to MediCare. Boy howdy! Did that MediCare discussion go off in 50 or so tangents?  Record keeping, doctor’s waiting rooms, doctors themselves, billing procedures and even who had the worst procedure at the cheapest cost. I just couldn’t keep up with them all. I am pretty sure that if I had been given time I coulda developed a story that’d topped them allI just ran outta time.

After all is said and done, even though John Hughes wasn’t through talking, he was kind enough to reach into my back pocket to retrieve my billfold so I could pay my bill. I wasn’t thinking correctly by that time (lack of sufficient blood flow coming back from my lower extremities, and completely forgot to check to see if I still had all my credit cards before leaving the Crowded Lobster. Well, I guess I might be able to sneak my bill next time under John’s while he is talking!


I did manage to get a few pictures but will have to admit that Lydia took some of them because of the angle the crowd had me sitting at the tableI just couldn’t get an angle on everybody.

PS: You can tell which ones Lydia took very easy. They’re the ones out of focus and with heads turned away from the camera.

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