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Friday, April 26, 2013

Dave Barry – “Insane City”

Seth Weinstein is in Miami to get married. His fiancée, Tina, is the elder daughter of the rich and powerful Mike and Marcia Clark. Everything, but everything has got to be perfect for Tina’s wedding. This is not in the cards for Seth.

Given a chance to meet anyone in Miami and the surrounding area, Seth will encounter trouble. The Groom Posse, Big Steve, Marty and Kevin will make nothing easy and manage to screw up at every turn.

Even Tina’s sister, Meghan, gets into trouble assisting Seth in his efforts to do the right thing: assisting a Haitian mother of two illegally make her way to join her sister in a new country.

The plot even includes a barely working orangutan, Trevor, who emotionally attaches himself to the nearest good looking woman and is wounded in a gun battle with Daddy Clark’s hooligans trying to intercede in the Haitian affair.

Some of the book is much funnier than other parts, but a good read overall. I will say the hour I spent listening to Dave Barry at his local book signing was the funniest hour I have spent in a long time. In person, the man is knock down funny.

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