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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grammar & Spelling

This morning I was editing an posting and was appalled to see so many grammar and spelling mistakes. See, there’s one right up there at the first of the preceding sentence. I don’t know if I am making them or Mr. Gates’ programs have it in for me. There just might be a conspiracy.

Just thought I would take this opportunity to apologize for the faux pas that you might come across in my postings. I try not to make them, BUT through the power of astute cogitation, I think I have figured out how they happen.

Ya see, I type with two fingers; the middle one on each hand of course. When I get in a hurry and my brain has sent out messages to both hands simultaneously on the word(s) to come (the correct spelling being know to the brain) I believe that the one hand//finger being sometimes previously positioned on the keyboard closer to its next letter than that of the appropriate hand//finger; the closer hand//finger has a undo distance disadvantage over the proposed next hand//finger that should be obviously preceding first. This being so, it is my strongly held belief that the closer hand//finger goes ahead and takes the opportunity to strike its key even though it fully knows it is doing so completely out of sequence. It’s that damn left hand; I just know it. Ya can’t trust a left hand as far as ya can throw ti. See what I mean, there’s another one?

So ya see, it’s not entirely my fault—I do think Bill Gates has just a little to do with it.

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