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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guns on Campus - 22 Feb 11

Usually, I try here to be fairly light-hearted; but this is serious. Has our Texas leadership got their heads in the sand? Are they pandering to those they figure that will put them back in office next time? Where are the cool, calm and collected leadership – those with experience and know this is a BAD idea?

Yesterday’s Austin American-Statesman’s (AAS) publishing of the Associated Press’ Jim Vertuno’s article “Texas poised to pass bill allowing guns on campus (dtd 20 Feb 11)” had as many comments as I might have ever seen on any one published article since I moved here. Of course there were as many on the RIGHT as there were on the LEFT – both doing as much to squash the other side, but primarily making themselves look as bad as the other guy wanted them to look. Most of these guys are kooks or express their opinions as to be strangely one sided. Most didn’t come across as being a card carrying college student or professor.

I haven’t seen one college president come out in favor of this movement. They don’t want the results of what might take place should “guns on campus” become the law of the land – not one. Where on campus would you expect to find a clear field of fire? My guess is there’s gonna be students, faculty and employees everywhere. What local gendarme wants to race into an open melee with guns blazing from all corners and have the responsibility to pick out a GOOD guy from a BAD guy?

There is a solid reason that most of the city police forces have replaced the two petrol cars with single cop cars. They found that even the cop’s partner heightened the adrenal response when trouble erupted. Imagine what takes place with students running everywhere and guns ablazzing?

Here’s a few of those comments from the AAS posting:

  1. “Don't tell me a licensed gun carrier doesn't have a bad day, doesn't get angry, doesn't drink or do drugs, or doesn't get frustrated in a classroom or at a teacher or another student.”
  1. “I find people like the Aggie student quoted in the article hilarious. If he actually ever faced an armed gunman, if we are lucky, he would only shoot himself in the foot.”
  1. “Texans with a CHL commit serious/violent crimes at a rate 1/7th lower than the rest of the state population.”
  1. “There is a difference between mature adults having access to guns and a bunch of immature college age students running around with guns to settle their disputes.”
  1. “Unbelievable. So this is what the Tea Party/Republicans come up with to "save" Texas? How much lower/ stupider/ absurd can we possibly get? Apparently in Rick Perry's 2011 Texas there is to be no limit to the madness. Have lawmakers even considered what happens when college students, alcohol and guns get together? Let's Hope No Student Gets Mad About A Bad Grade.”

6. “California has strict gun laws, see how well that works for them, Dufus!" -------------->.
father richtard has eaten too much of the body of christ. its gone to your brain. gp play with the cute lil boys in the choir and show them your"gun".

  1. “California is 40th in gun deaths/100,000. Texas is 23rd. Mississippi is #1, and Arizona is #2. Loose gun laws = more gun deaths. It's pretty simple.”
  1. “Our country trusts our 18 year old soldiers to fight wars. Our federal, state, county and city law enforcement agencies trust 21 year olds to be law enforcement officers. By your logic, our military and police should not take anyone under 25.”

  1. “What a shame - the great state of Texas - can't fund education but is spending time and energy on legislation allowing guns into schools….The likelihood of responding accurately under duress for the average citizen licensed to carry are near zero.”

  1. “I can't wait to get caught in the crossfire by a bunch of immature frat yokels on campus. After 8 years in the military where highly trained people have accidental shootings and where friendly-fire is real, I might as well kiss my life goodbye.”
  1. “The reason I ask is because I, and many of the 413,000 other Texans licensed to carry, do all these things every day...and you don't even notice. But that's the entire point of concealed carry. Allowing duly-licensed people to protect themselves discreetly and without fanfare.”
  1. “Last month in Chicago a crazy guy walked into a police station and started shooting. Wounded four cops. Last November in Tacoma WA, a crazy walked into a coffee shop and killed four cops who were armed and presumably trained. Is the sophomore business major going to be more formidable than four cops?”
  1. “I think it's crazy, too. I'm an ACC prof and I've been in the classroom for over 10 years. From my experience, many college students are overwrought with stress, emotional problems, and drug / alcohol abuse. I see young people on a daily basis and I believe that in every class of 30 or so students you are going to have at least 1 student who is unstable, often as many as 10. If that student is one of the ones with a gun, god help us.”
  1. “This bill is just plain moronic. I'm glad I don't live in Texas anymore.”

Enough of this falderal.

I have no idea what that guy quoting the California mumble-jumble (#6) is trying to get across to us – no idea whatsoever.

They always trot out this statistic (point #3 above) – it has no merit. It is a fact out of context. There has never been a tracking of the kooks that were denied a CHL as far as I know. This fact only proves that the background check works – at least up to this point in time. We would only hope those doing the background check are getting it right.

Then there’s the guy that makes the point (#11) that he is safe because he carries a concealed handgun when he goes out to eat. If it is concealed; how does it protect you? Weren’t you safe without the concealed gun; if not we would have heard your rant about that? I would propose that there was no need for the firearm in the first place.

"It's strictly a matter of self-defense," said state Sen. Jeff Wentworth, R-San Antonio. "I don't ever want to see repeated on a Texas college campus what happened at Virginia Tech, where some deranged, suicidal madman goes into a building and is able to pick off totally defenseless kids like sitting ducks.” (AAS article referenced above)

Some of my acquaintances also come across as a little off their rocker – of course, this came as no little surprise to me: (I corrected their spelling – didn’t want to embarrass my constituents.)

1. I think it's a mistake. Enabling a 18-20 year old to carry is asking for trouble. Of course I can also say I've seen plenty of the same age group act more mature than 30 yo's

2. A bunch of untrained individuals started the AMERICAN REVOLUTION , opened up the west, and have assumed personal responsibility for the safety of their community, loved ones and themselves. We have become too dependant on others.

3. Let everyone carry self protection, stop all of this walking around in a fog worrying if you are going to be a victim. still have a gun in my vehicle 45 years after hi school. DON't TREAD ON ME or suffer the consequences. God Bless America.

4. If everyone on campus is allowed to carry the police will not be able to identify the right target. So then it turns into shoot first and ask questions later. Not the best answer.

As I sit here, I can just imagine a three hundred seat lecture hall making the Gunfight at the OK Coral looking like kids play in the backyard. Anyone not seeing it my way; I’m gonna remove from my will. I don’t think I will vote (or support) for any of these guys ever again – no matter who is running against them.

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  1. I agree I think this is a bad idea of the highest degree. I have trouble even comprehending the rationale behind this. My children nor my money will ever see the inside of any institution where this is allowed.