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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Democracy in the Middle-East and George W. Bush - 03 Feb 11

With the final outcome very much still in doubt; is democracy actually gaining a strong foothold in the Middle-East? What’s your guess?

Regardless of which side you stand on; how much of this current movement do we (or are we) going to give George W. Bush credit for? Would it have been taking place had GWB not directed the invasion of Iraq back when he did? Maybe you might even add token credit to the senior Bush – you could probably make a case there also.

Without the fall of Saddam, would any of the current movement have taken shape?

I’m sorry. It just seems that today I have more questions than answers. The entire situation could still go almost any direction, particularly in Egypt. Who has the power and power could still be used to put the entire situation down.

Who stands to be the biggest winner in the region? If the extremist don’t manage to gain the upper hand; it will be the people – the ones that deserve it. It would be a shame for the people to have started this all and then have the country fall into the hands of the undeserving suppressors of human rights who manage to use their biased religious outlook to blindside others into directing their hatred at us instead of working for the betterment of their brethren. Let’s hope this does not prove to be the final direction.

It would be a just and fitting outcome for democracy to prevail and the people of the region become valued players on the world stage.

I guess the biggest question still looming out there is: Does the movement stand any chance whatsoever making its way into Iran?

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