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Monday, November 15, 2010

National Museum of the Pacific War 13 Nov 10

My son (Joe Pat) came down from Forney and my brother (Kenny) came over and with Patsy, the four of us drove over to Fredericksburg to visit the National Museum of the Pacific War and take in one of their re-enactments. We were very glad that we did.

We started with the re-enactment. This was probably a mistake. We shoulda waited until the sun would be shining on the seating area. It was breezy and really cool sitting there. BUT, all-in-all, we really enjoyed the show. The volunteers putting on the show were very knowledgeable of their areas and the live fire (blanks) may for a real good show. They demo’d every individual and crew served weapon used in the theatre by the Marines during the war.

They also had several landing craft and a tank or two – only one of the tanks was operated during the re-enactment.

But, man, that flame thrower was impressive. You were not gonna get away from it.

The big Marine with the cigar stole the show. You just had to like the guy.

We next went up to the museum to see the new exhibits there. This place was fantastic. We spent over 2&1/2 hours going through it and could easily have spent another 2 hours in there. There is just so much to see. I especially liked the conversation spots where they had six or so (at each spot) recordings to listen to from actual GI//Marines telling their story. These were fascinating.

This is a museum to not be missed. Everybody I know has some link to WWII and most to the Pacific Theatre. You should all go and see this.

Kenny and Joe Pat resting up before going to find grub!

After all of above we walked back over to Main Street and found a Beergarten to eat in. Good German food and a Great Museum; you just can’t beat it!

Here’s the website to check out:

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