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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Random thoughts, maybe questions

Just some thoughts; maybe they are more questions than thoughts.

Oil leak – Has anybody really got a handle on this situation. We all know who should be in-charge. Obama has said that the Government is but they sure haven’t shown that they are.

Arizona Law – Who do we believe? I believe we all know that the Government – Democrats and Republicans alike – has not moved to control immigration, nor does it look like they ever will.

Texas School Books – How can a state allow “voted out” elected officials make any real decisions on what the up-coming school children will be studying in the future; especially the way the votes indicated the public felt? The Legislature must move to correct this next January OR we should move to correct them at next opportunity. Elections should mean something and have impact on the agenda.

Don’t ask – Don’t tell – Congress has moved ahead with speed that has outpaced the military leadership’s study on implementation. I support the “open serving of members of the military” as it has always been there regardless of what the Leadership – Congress – the President said or believed. Anyone with a different viewpoint should extract their head from the sand and get on with business. This has a ways to go yet and we still haven’t seen all the “heads rolling//moving on” that will eventually take place.

What’s your take? I sure don't have all the answers.

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