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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Starting Forty-three (43)

Today is the start of forty-three years together for Patsy and me – married years that is. Yes that’s forty-two years married yesterday. We’ve been two for a few years more. But on the 2nd day of March in 1968 – Texas Independence Day, we tied the knot and I haven’t been much of a Boy Scout since that day. Nor have I found the need to be so.

I wouldn’t trade the last forty-two years for any other life in the world. I am married to the best person in the entire world. She takes very good care of me – you know I need it.

We’ve tried almost everything and haven’t backed off from much – ya can bet on that. Life on the frontier (Alaska) for four years as a young couple was just what we needed; a great start to a life on our own that has just gotten better and better. Eight more years following where ever the Army sent us and then back to Texas for some very interesting years in several different locations.

Two wonderful kids and three fantastic grand kids! Who could ask for anything more?

Some heartaches along the way but we survived them all and are better for it. It just keeps getting better everyday.

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