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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pirate killed off the Somali coast!

The Rednecks and the Gunners are at it big time with the most recent news from the East Coast of Africa. An Associated Press article reported that private security guards shot and killed a pirate in the act of trying to highjack shipping off the coast of Somali. The remaining pirate crew evidentially initially escaped to be later caught, with the dead pirate still in their company.

This gives rise to a world of pirate humor and thoughts relating to the act and just what might come of it. Late Night TV could use some of these guys writing their stuff. But maybe it wouldn’t be so politically correct.

Here’s a few of the comments from

• No licensee required, no limit, leave no wounded.
• Put a half dozen Cajuns on these ships. We’ve never learned anything about a bag limit anyway.
• Naw, Ya gotta have Bag limit and tags or else how do you know how many ya take in a Season. Culling the Herd requires statistics.
• No symphony for pirates…..Fill u Davy Jones’ locker with some more.
• Arrrgh, capture what is left of them after the ‘fire fight’ and HANG them in a town square somewhere like they did back in the 17th/18th centuries.
• Could always string them from the yard arm. Either that or keelhaul them.
• High Seas Hunting, Inc. A new company that could be worth millions! Just think, you could offer your customers their choice of weapons….For night time shooting….night vision goggles and tracer rounds.

There was even more discussion on the appropriate arms that might be used: M2-50 cal, M1s, M14s, RPGs, etc. Along with this they also strived to include rules as to the limitations on range, load, and sighting devices. The opportunity to create a level hunting field was never approached.

I can always count on these guys to add some humor to my day.

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