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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gays serving in the Military

This just might be the hot topic ‘2010 Health Care legislation’ discussion topic of the year. It will get even nastier than health care ever came close to.

Considering the volatility of the issue, this is bigger than a 7.0 Richter quake. These guys and gals are hard core and have been building toward this day for ten years or so. It just might get messy.

It makes zero difference where you stand on the issue; it is a fact of life as we now understand it. They are here among us in our everyday life. The live right in our neighborhoods and on our own street. The move in and they move out. They do their part and this can not be downplayed. You know they are out there.

They have been serving in the military for years. Just because ‘they don’t tell’ doesn’t mean ‘they don’t exist’.

The best guess right now is that there may have to be some pretty big heads at the Pentagon that will roll before this issue becomes even lukewarm. The top Jarhead will most likely be the first; look for it in the next two weeks. If it takes longer, I will be really surprised.

During my service in the Army, I sat on a Court that decided the fate of no less than thirty (30) individuals who had charges brought against them for this infraction – living their life as they saw it. It was interesting, to say the least – testimony, pictorial evidence and medical diagnosis, the whole nine yards, as they say.

Mark my words!

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