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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where and what’s next?

First it was New York, DC and thousands. Now it has come to Detroit and three hundred. Where will it be next and how many targeted?

Here’s my view for whatever that’s worth.

I believe we have effectively cut the leadership of al Qaeda off from its followers. There have gone underground in Pakistan and can no longer show their head to be very effectual. This has lead to a lack of direction at the top of the individual cells causing planning to be accomplished at a much lower scale. This may be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on where your observation point is.

The conclusion that I draw from this and recent activity is that the individual cells of al Qaeda are freely planning and are now attempting their own plots. However these plots will be on a much smaller scale and could quite possibly take place anywhere. These guys in Yemen and Somalia are desperate to show their stuff and retaliate against the oppression they see as their enemy. They don’t play well with others and want to be King of the Hill and will stop at nothing to get to the top.

These guys in Yemen and Somali are up to the same old tasks as their former leadership: recruiting, training, funding and planning. Are we gonna wait like we did with the Afghanistan cadre and then realize that it’s now too late to close the barn door? We’ve all got to get smarter!

They think smaller and are satisfied with smaller scale destruction and carnage as their goals and achievements. They are willing to kill only hundreds, instead of thousands, to get their message out that they are now the ballgame. They are working through individuals instead of teams like the former leadership.

We need to be on the lookout for the guy and no longer the guys. They will come at us one at a time, just maybe never again in groups.

How do we as a people prepare for this wave of attacks? The answer is more than likely just like the passengers on the aircraft headed into Detroit did – on our own. Big brother can not be everywhere. I am not calling for the arming of America and the rest of the free world. But, it probably gonna be up to us and us alone. Big brother will fight the big ones and we must fight the little ones. We just might loose a few here and there; but together we can win the majority of them.

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