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Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Iditarod Trip, second day in Anchorage

So much going on in my life, I have had trouble getting back to my trip story.

Our schedule today included the Alaska Museum in downtown Anchorage and a lot of free time.

Museum Trip

Mid-morning we were off to the museum. If you are a museum goer, like my son and myself; this one is a must see. Particularly if you enjoy the history of the region you are visit when there is a lot to learn, you don’t want to miss this one. Having lived here for four years in the early 70s; we were pretty far along in our historical knowledge of Alaska, in general, but there was a lot more to learn and this was a good chance to do so. This building didn’t even exists at the time we were here 45+ years ago.


Interestingly enough, this setting of a 1910 era trappers’ shack contains the same Yukon Stove that the Army was still using in the early 1970s when I was in Alaska with the Army.

I also found interesting a picture of a Pipe Line Pipe Wrench. This tool I am very familiar with as my Dad taught me how to handle a 24 and 36 inch version about the time I was 10 years of age. My hands would handle this tool many, many times over the years prior to my finishing college and departing for the Army. My sometimes occupation was roughneck during my formative years; all of which I would not trade for anything. I had to come all the way to Alaska to rediscover this memory.

 Pipe Line Pipe Wrench

The Hockey Room had some really interesting items: whalebone sticks and old uniforms.


The Native dress area also contained interesting items. I particularly liked this Native Wedding Dress.


This Polar Bear mount was different from any I had previously seen.


Snow in Anchorage, then Lunch

After the museum, Joseph and I rose the buss back to the Captain Cook and soon discovered that Anchorage was getting snow. Maybe there would be snow on the streets would not need that 7 railcars of snow shipped down from Fairbanks for the Ceremonial Startthe snow was pilling up pretty good. We soon struck out to find lunch. Right around the corner from the hotel, we found the Simon & Seafort Seafood & Grill. The Crab Cakes plus Dip was outstanding. Following the appetizer, we dug into the Prime Rib Open Face Sandwich with French Dip—our entrée turned out to be even better than our appetizer. I highly recommend this establishment. The view out over the Cook Inlet and the Turnagain Arm was just as good as the chow, maybe even better with the snow falling.

Souvenirs can be bought

Setting off again, this time on foot, we roamed the downtown for old haunts and took a chance to grab some souvenirscan’t go home without a couple. At Trapper Jack’s I found a great hat (for myself). I always need a new hat to go with the 300 or so I already haveit became my new favorite hat almost immediately.

From there we ventured across the street to the Alaska Ivory Exchange. The Lady running the place was very nice and we both found some Alaskan Jade jewelry for the wives that was significantly lower than Trapper Jack’s price (less than half the cost) and the exact same design from the exact same Native company up in Fairbanks. She told us that it might be the last they ever get of the stuff; the young Natives just don’t want to be trained and go into the businessa shame to see this art go by the wayside.

Last tour of the day

We walked by the port area and watched the activity for a while then made our way back to the hotel to await the other groups coming back from their adventures. Sarah’s Glacier Tour arrived fairly soon after we did and she reported that she had a fantastic time. Sarah and Joseph decided to continue the day during the Museum Night in Anchorage and they took in the Museum (same one we had previously been to that morning). Seems that both Sarah and Joseph are alike in that they enjoy reading every note attached to every display in every museum. They actually had to be run out when the museum finally closed that night.

Gotta get some sleep cause tomorrows the day of the Ceremonial Start.

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