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Friday, September 20, 2013

The Governor of Texas and a few Cronies in Congress have slipped too far off into left field!

Let me think this through.

A couple of years ago the Congress of the United States—both houses by-the-way—passed health care reform. There was stiff opposition, but it passed anyway and became the law of the land.

Now, it seems that the opposition, instead of licking their wounds, continually tries every “dirty” political trick in the books (and some that aren’t in the book) to stop the law of the land.

Now, before you go off half cocked, I have never been an Obama supporter. But that’s not the case here. We are talking about the law of the land—nothing less and nothing more.

The Constitution establishes the rules and steps to repeal unfavorable and unjust laws but these rules are not in any way entering into the debate. The opposition continually looks for tangents to circumvent the law of the land.

In Texas, the Governor is demanding additional training and fees be applied to the “Navigators” who are being put in place to assist in the enrollment of the uninsured—a step that is scheduled to start on 1 October, just some 11 days hence. Where has the Governor been over the past three years? Under a rock? Well, maybe! Just maybe he’s been rehearsing debate tactics for the 2016 campaign—he’ll need them to overcome the gaff filled run of 2012. But he persists anyway.

The changes demanded by the Governor are being called “a top priority for the governor to protect Texan’s privacy and personal information through these common sense rules for navigators.” According to his spokesperson Rich Parsons. The reasoning amounts to little more than smoke and mirrors and is only a delaying tactic. Refer to

State Senator Kirk Watson (D-Austin) responded about his bill (that is being used by the Governor to demand the new rules and fees) “This (bill) is a tool to improve our health care system, not dismantle it even further,” The governor is “twisting the meaning of protecting consumers to fulfill an extreme political agenda. This will hurt Texans who need health care far more than it helps him in some GOP primary.”

The Governor has had years to propose changes and LEAD, but has chosen to block, restrict and derail with his opposition the entire path.

Now, to those shifty House guys in D.C. Just what are they up to these days?

The have completely set aside the Constitution of the United States. They just voted this day to fund the government for three months with interim legislation instead of doing their job and establishing legislation that funds the government for the next physical year—the House of Representatives job as established under the Constitution.

The Tea Party 40 are holding the entire populous hostage to their “their-sided” view of where this country needs to be heading. Oh, you bet, I would like to see some fiscal restraint on the part of the D.C. crowd, but hostage taking is not the path. They are trying to establish a “slippery slope” that we all made slide down should the “40” get their way.

It is past time for the right-minded legislatures to stand up and be counted—Just Do It! To copy the Nike jargon.

“Behind the rhetoric lay the likelihood of another in a series of complex, inside-the-Beltway brinkmanship episodes as conservative House Republicans and Obama struggle to imprint widely differing views on the U.S. government.” Refer to

Continuing: “House Republicans intend to vote to raise the nation's debt limit next week to prevent that from happening, and they have said they will include a one-year delay in Obamacare in the measure — to reinforce their determination to eradicate the program.”

And more: "The American people don't want the government shut down, and they don't want "Obamacare," Speaker John Boehner said as members of his rank and file cheered at a celebratory rally in the Capitol moments after the 230-189 vote. He stood at a lectern bearing a slogan that read, "#Senate must act."

They are hoping the Senate sends it back to the House and they can run straight into the next battle—“raising the debt ceiling” to the bills already incurred by our do nothing galleywags in Washington.

I don’t think any of these guys understand what Americans want or think. I believe “we” want the people’s work accomplished and some “Real Straight” talk for a change—the idealogs need to sit down and do their job, whether that be in Austin or in Washington D.C.

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