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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It’s Cold outside – time to step it up!

So, it’s colder than usual outside. It’s time to step it up—time to do your best. The invigoration of the cold always gets my blood churin’!

Time to look for a cold weather challenge—something out of the ordinary, something you don’t do in the everyday world you survive in. Take on a task that pushes your limits.

In my younger days, this might have been a road trip—we called them convoys back then—of multiple days and an extended duration. I realize you might not be able to arrange for a cool 100 vehicles to tag along with you, but so what? Try it without the extra hundred of friends and acquaintances. Just a couple of family members will suffice to make the endurance worthwhile.

It really doesn’t matter to me if there is an itinerary or you take off ad hoc and see where you end up. The fun and the challenge is the going.

While we are discussing the cool, this time of year always causes me to undergo Moose withdrawals. I haven’t seen nor interacted with a Moose in some time. I miss the excitement of one of those 1200+ pound beasts trying to get the best of me. A side note: Moose should always be capitalized—they weigh 1200+ pounds and anything that big deserves respect—always.

At one point in my life, I used to come across a Moose all the time. Just a few encounters I might mention:
Playing Moose tag in the far, far woods (Patsy never enjoyed it as much as I did.)
Moose in the morning formation
Moose foraging under the back deck
Moose inside the Battalion Headquarters
Many, many more

Back yard

Same shot as above - taken through binocular lens 
(couldn't afford telephoto lens at the time!)

Moose headed into playground area

Take the challenge and just maybe include a Moose along the way—take my word both will invigorate your day (or week)!

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