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Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Money returns and a Raise also!

I recently had the opportunity to sign up for Social Security. It was very easy; all online and not one problem. The checks started hitting my account down at the credit union almost immediately and have so for a couple of months.

The guys down at the credit union called and ask if I would like to come down and see my money, What a treat! I took them up on the offer and went down and gave the cash a look.

I was dumb founded! I actually recognized some of the bills laying there in my account. I hadn't seen them since some time in the early 70s, but I recognized them. It was like old home week. We sat there and commiserated with each other over the journey each had taken over the years.

I go back after each deposit and check out the cash. Still recognizing some of them but nothing from the 80s yet.

So, I been with this Social Security System for just a short time and low and behold I get great news. I got a raise after such a short time.

I tell my wife, with a great big smile on my face, "I got a 1.7% raise!" She, being the ever encouraging Human Resource professional she is replied: "What? Only 1.7%. The national average is 3.5%."

The wind left my sails immediately. Any more good news from my System buddies, I'm gonna keep to myself.

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