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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Is the world overpopulated?

I got to wondering about the fear of overpopulation just the other day—not sure why my brain turned that direction but it did.

I went out on the internet—ya know that you can find anything on the internet. I don’t yet know how all that stuff gets there, but it’s there.

My research established these facts:

(1) According to Matt Rosenberg, at the website: http:/

90% of the population occupies only 3% of the land. Looks like we have room for many more people than we currently have populating the world; so why the concern?

(2) Land covers only 29% of the globe.

(3) .03 (people) x .29 (land) = .0087 = .87% Let's call it 1%.

(4) Therefore, if Mr. Rosenberg is correct with his data, I believe it's very safe to say that less than 2% of the Earth's surface is inhabited by humans. Again I ponder, why the concern?

Keeping Mr. Rosenberg’s facts in mind; here’s the facts prompting my thought process:

Every morning of the world—well, just about every morning—Little Gus, Otis and I take a walk around the neighborhood. It gets us outta the house and they both really enjoy it. You might even go so far as to say that they are fanatical about it—jumping around and barking as soon as I put on my ball cap. The fresh air most likely doesn’t hurt us!

About three weeks ago, I noticed an unusual looking weed along the sidewalk close to the park at the pipeline right-of-way. It wasn’t one I remembered seeing before. It stood out as really different from all those around it that had developed as a result of all the rains we have received this spring. I took the following photo of it and was determined to check it out. Well as things often happen; I forget and the photo sat on my phone for the next week or so.

I noticed the weed over the following weeks—nothing in particularly changing—and eventually had to go outta town, loosing track of my unusual weed. I had to see my Grandson’s initial soccer game. That was a real thrill. In doing so, I had no idea what had happened over the weekend while I was outta town.

Come Monday morning after breakfast, I donned my cap, the jumping and barking commenced and soon we were out the door.

Heading down the sidewalk, listening to the birds singin’ and generally paying no specific attention whatsoever; I was startled when I came upon the weed that I had completely removed from my mind. There it was. But to my surprise the ugly duckling was no longer a weed, but the beautiful flower you see in the following photo

Day in and day out for a week to ten days I admired this flower as the Pups and I passed it on our morning walks.

Searching the area surrounding the right-of-way park; I could not find another sunflower plant anywhere in the area.

The seed that brought this plant to my area had to have come by whatever means from a great distance off—not an easy task one would surmise.

What a wonder Nature is when it endeavors to replicate itself. This struggle is somewhat amazing.

Then came this morning. I again had that startled feeling when we came upon sunflower point, as the Pups and I had began to refer to it. The area surrounding the stalk was still promulgated with the assortment of weeds that had been there prior to the sunflower’s appearance, but everything-else was different.

I though to myself: “Those damn deer!” But then I realized that the deer hadn’t been in our area for as long as the rains have been pelting us. Maybe it was a dog? No, it couldn’t have been a dog. There was no evidence of rampage anywhere else in the area. The revelation about the number of people inhabiting the surface of the Earth came to me in somewhat a fit of rage. Right there on the spot, I decided.

Take a look at what I found as we trudged up the trail.

There’s only one culprit that could do damage like this. A human, only a human, would do this kind of damage and deprive the rest of us what Nature struggles to produce and just for the extremely short pleasure that the top of one single solitary sunflower stalk will bring them.

Our walk path is not on any beaten trail. There is only one answer to the question of “Who coulda done it?” It has to be one of my neighbors right here in my own backyard—so to speak.

Therefore, I conclude that it isn’t in Chinese or India where the population seems to the most of us to be outta whack. Both of the Pups thought I was crazy; they couldn’t understand my reasoning. No matter though, I am sure I’ve made the right decision.

No! There’s one too many humans inhabiting the Earth’s surface and that one is right here in Central Texas. Now we have to decide what to do about it!

I ask you, is this proof enough?

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