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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Both times I was involved with the Navy SEALs - 10 May 11

Because I have recently re-connected with one of the prime players in these events, I am taking this post down to possibly revise it because of the memories of the others that were there when these events happened.I will repost this with updated details when I finalize them.

John Howard

I had the opportunity, might I say pleasure, to be involved with the Navy SEALs some time back. I hadn’t had the occasion to recall it until just recently – you all know the recent reason.

The first opportunity came as a real surprise; I had no idea they were even in the area. The occasion was some twelve years after their initial organization and outside of Vietnam, they really, at least to my knowledge, hadn’t had any other activity.
Navy SEALs Trident

172nd Infantry Brigade (Separate & Light)

172nd Support Battalion

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