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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TURN them out in upcoming National Election – November 2010

TURN OUT EVERY Member of Congress running for election in Nov 2010. They aren’t doing the job and should go. Vote ‘em out; send the message!

I am asking everyone that reads this to enter the above tweet everyday you go on Twitter. It can have an astonishing impact if everybody gets into the habit of posting at least one time every day.

Are you satisfied with the gang in Washington, D.C.? I’m not. I say lets get rid of the all. A great opportunity comes up in November, 2010 when we vote on every Congressman and a whole gaggle of Senators.

I have a very small following; but together we can make an impact.

We can send a message and it will be heard loud and clear. The best way to wake them up is to TURN them out.

Make no mistake; it will not matter if you vote out some that one might consider good. Those that replace them can be as good as the ousted; they can’t be much worse.

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